Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I have failed~

I failed at being a mother this morning. The kind of mother that is kind and patient. My darling childen kept fighting and wrestling so I put a stop to it. And I got mad at them. And I
was not too kind about it either. Then I went and took a shower and felt really bad about it.
Am I the only one who gets so overloaded that I speak "too loudly" to my children?
I failed this morning but I still have this aftenoon to do better and well, the rest of my life to do
On the bright side, last night I made a delicious dinner that everyone ate. Not just me, Trevor
and the girls. But the boys also!!!
Sure it was different and Trevor said that some people would have to bribed to eat it at first,
after which they would love it, it was healthy and delicious.
It was homemade pizza with bean sauce, black beans and corn, chicken, tomatoes and avocados.
Mmmmm. I think I will have it for lunch today even though I already had it for breakfast~
Here is the pizza crust recipe, which is the best one I have ever used btw....
~Now I have to go get Stephen from school and give him a very big hug and kiss~

Here's to some nice, warm, sun-filled days~ SOON!

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