Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why I love this man....

Valentines day is coming up. There will be no romantic date or night out for us since we are going to visit family (which we are super stoked about) so I thought I would pay tribute to the wonderful man I call my husband. Some super reasons why I love him: 1. He no longer looks onery in pictures. After a decade of pictures, he will now at least pull a funny face. 2. He comes right home from work, gives me a kiss and asks about my day. 3. Tries his hardest to make me happy, going so far as to change the worst diaper he has ever seen, on many occasions. 4. Will fall asleep in my lap on Sunday nights so I can stay up late and watch Masterpiece Theater. 5. Lets me listen to Taylor Swift over and over. 6. Even when I am mad at him, he still tells me he loves me. He is totally not prideful. I am , by the way. And he of course, never gets mad at me. 7. One time after one of our many moves, I was feeling depressed so he put in The Notebook, a movie that he doesn't like but I love, just to make me happy. 8. He has been right by my side through all four labors, encouraging me and loving me the whole time. 9. More than once, he has taken in a beloved tool or gun to pawn off so we could pay our bills. (Hopefully those days are over.) 10. He is a worthy priesthood holder who is always willing and ready to give one of the kids a blessing. 11. He is teaching our boys how to behave like men. 12. And last but not at all least, because he is everything I always wanted and everything I could have never dared hope for!

"Lucky to be in love with my best friend, Lucky to have been where I have been, Lucky to be coming home again,Im lucky we're in love in every way,Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed, Lucky to be coming home someday."

(please replace the word lucky with blessed.)


PeejMckTal. said...

Awww you are lucky and blessed! It's nice being so in love. I didn't even think love like yours and Trevors existed until I fell in love with your brother! I feel pretty lucky and blessed too! :) And we miss you!

♥ et said...

For cute! I'm so glad you're happy Sarah and that you found Mr. Right. Lucky or Blessed, either way, I'm glad!