Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Diet Dr. Pepper

I know, those words are like music to my ears also. But.... I do believe that the heavenly stuff is making me hold onto fat in my belly. Blah.. I excercise 6 days a week but nothing has seemed to change much since Joshy was about a year old. So one day, I will be done drinking the stuff or at least I will drink it way less than I do now. You do not want to know how much I drink now.
And water? I barely even know what that stuff is.
So one day I will be done.
~The main purpose of this post, besides being to let you all know of a fault of mine is to check and see if some new settings are working.
And it looks as if they are~


Haslems said...

I love it that you post so much! It's so fun to check your blog...I quit Diet Coke in December (I have one a week :)) but don't notice the difference with my belly. Maybe I need to lay off the key lime pie I have been eating all day today. Derrick is off too but he really misses it because it was kind of his treat. Good luck with that... it's a sad day to give it up. How are you guys?

sarahjean and family said...

you're good to give it up.. i realy don't want to but should. We are doing good~ can I please have an invite to Gracies blog? :)