Monday, March 15, 2010

this week

I'm going to get this room all done so I can stop thinking about it.... This is the before picture. There is a lot of clutter and a lot of misc. stuff hanging around.

What I have to do:

paint trim

paint tv wall same color as kitchen(?)

paint bookshelf

put up cork board

new table for computer

make curtains for window and sliding door

Pretty ambitious, right? And to top it all off (and most importantly), Im going to be a better wife, mother, daughter and sister. Whew.. Im exhausted just by typing it all out~ After picture next Monday morning....


Amy said...

Hahaha, and Joshie staring intently at Spiderman on the television, lol. :)

Jenee said...

I am soooo glad to know that I wasn't the only person feeling (and doing) that today with a room in the house! :o)