Thursday, April 15, 2010

paint with me thursday

Simply Feather

Okay, so don't make fun of me... I gave this an honest try.... Im still not quite sure how it turned out. It was my first time actually drawing something "real".
The theme was moods and my title is:

Seriously, this was hard for me to even post because of my fear~ but Trevor just told me to do it and not worry about it 
so that's what I'm doing....
 If you want to join in,
 just click on the link above!
To be honest, Im really enjoying doing this each week and I just know you would too!


Nicole Jensen said...

I came from Simply Feather and I like it. She looks thoughtfully happy. good job :)

Jenee said...

I like it too, Sarah. :o)
(I'm glad you listened to Trevor.)
To me, she has uplifting "thoughts" because of her eyes & head tilt.

Feather said...

high five, trevor!

you know, i honestly struggle each week posting my own art! no joke. it's very risky, right? it's very personal. and we all have so many critiques of our own art. i'm proud of you for clicking "publish". the point is not having beautiful, perfect, textbook art--it's having the experience. i'm so glad you gave yourself the experience!

CoreyTina&boys said...

GOOD JOB! I avoid faces like the plague! I did one of myself in high school its a little scary. Did you ever get to the craft store for brushes etc? let me know when you go! by the way YOU ARE AN ARTIST, all art is just art. There is no good or bad. don't compare to others. you have art in you, look how cute your house is!

Jen said...

If this was your first time drawing something "real", Wow! Faces are the hardest thing to draw, in my opinion. You did a great job! Keep it up! I didn't participate this week, but I hope to next week.

Elissa said...

she's great! people are beyond me so i think you are SO brave to publish because i wouldn't have even attempted to draw it in the first place and that is the most important part!!!

blue china studio said...

What? You did an awesome job. I can't draw people or faces for the life of me. I'm glad you braved this out because it turned out wonderful!

Cindy said...

She is amazing and so are you!
Doing something afraid is never easy!
Enjoy the day!

Artfulife said...

Love it! Faces are super hard to draw. You should never feel ashamed of something that comes from your creative heart.

Riley said...

I didn't know you had any artistic ability! I'm impressed!