Thursday, April 22, 2010

(Stephen took this picture while we were on our way to gymnastics)

It's been a bit of a bad day. My own fault.... I was lacking in patience most of the day and my children felt it. It was a crappy day for Trevor too~ literally. He got to go load up the back of the truck with a whole "crapload" of manure for our garden.
Then he came home,got us both a 44 diet soda and helped me out with something important that HAD to be done right.then. THEN I said something totally funny (to me only) and the day was made a little better. and THEN since the kids were in bed, we got to relax and watch  The Office.
All thanks to Trevor. Have I said lately how much I love him? I won't right now cause he would get embarrassed.
Here's to a better day tomorrow~

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