Monday, May 10, 2010

Is there anything better~

Than being a Mother????
I don't think so.
Acually, I know there isn't.
I was pampered,
showered with love,
given dozens (seriously, dozens) of cards and letters.
All within those lovely 12 hours of celebration.
I've decided that all four children are my absolute favorite children.
No one ever said I had to choose, right?

Trevor, hard at work making my Mothers Day dinner~
Saturday Candice watched all four kids so we could take 5 wonderful hours to ourselves.
 We got to see 7 Parade of Homes and go to Costco, which was surprisingly enjoyable without kids.
There was only one problem the whole mothers day. Joshua did some weird fainting spell/ convulsion/seizure thing. We just about had 911 dialed when he stopped. I took him to the Doctor today and have an EEG scheduled for wednesday. She thinks that everything is okay just that he may faint easily~like his mother! :) 
One of the scariest moments of my life, though. But he's fine. She is just running the test to be positive!
Other than that a fantastic, wonderful, marvelous weekend! I hope you had the same!


candice and Quinn said...

it was a good day sarah! both saturdayand sunday, you deserved both! i love watching your kiddies! great update i like this one. oh wait i like em all!

Haslems said...

Scary Sarah! I had stuff like that... I hope he is ok. Let us know will you?