Thursday, May 20, 2010

Product Reviews

Just because I think you all care....

I may just be the last person on the planet to try this stuff but if not, go try it. I expected a lot more from it when I first tried it but after a couple of days, I'm hooked.
Seriously, I love it.
It has great conditoning elements and because of that it made my hair a little flatter and flighty-er (?)~ opposite of what I need.
So I found this:

I love this stuff even more!
Love, love, love.
 It gave me the texture, lift
and messy-ness that I love. If you have hair like me, I suggest using the two together or find your own texturizer that you love.
But the one above is the best.
Okay so if I payed full price for these, which luckily I didn't (I knew I kept my liscense for a reason- Just kidding), it would have been &pricey& but if you are in need... 
And since you're all family, if you want me to get you some for 40% off and mail it to you, just let me know... 

next post will have children in the pictures, I promise.  


Chelsey and Adam said...

I LOVE MORROCANOIL! We sell it at my work. When we started carrying it the rep gave me a whole bunch of samples of it. Love the discount because I don't know what I'll do without it!

Brent said...

Does it do anything for balding, white haired guys?

Jenee said...

I *LOVE* the 'big sexy hair' products too!!!