Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stephen turned 6 years old yesterday!!

Besides being his birthday, we had a super crazy busy day.

But he did get to work with Trevor on the sprinklers and he said that was great!
aren't they practically identical???

He got Legos, which he now loves and a game of Dominoes. Luckily for us, he loves those also. Apparently, he plays them at school. Who knew?

In the first picture, I edited out his HUGE cold sore on his upper lip but decided to leave it alone on the rest. It's pretty nasty.
Some things I love about Steve-o:
-he's very sweet and caring.
-tries his hardest to open doors for all the ladies (thank you,daddy)
-has beautiful blue eyes and an amazing smile.
-he makes me laugh~ he can be so goofy and funny!
-he tries so hard to be good!
I taught him in Primary today and I was so pleased at how he behaved~ he wanted to sit by me and help me and listen to the speakers and he sang the songs~ and we both learned how to sign a Primary song. It was really wonderful!

Happy Birthday Stephen! We love you!

How fitting that as I'm sitting here typing this, Hey Stephen (taylor swift song) comes on.

"Hey Stephen I can't help it if  you look like an angel"
"I seen it all so I thought that I'd never seen nobody shine the way you do. The way you walk, way you talk, way you say my name. It's beautiful, wonderful, don't  you ever change. Hey Stephen why are people always leavin', I think you and I should stay the same."
He says he doesn't like this song, but I think he secretly likes it.
Maybe, maybe not. :)


CoreyTina&boys said...

He is a cute kid! Bennie sure misses him living up the street! seems like when we come over he is in school! was fun to see you guys yesterday HUGS

candice and Quinn said...

Cute Sarah: ) Stephen sure is an easy boy to love! You and Trevor have done reeeeeeaaaaal good!

Madsens said...

He's getting so big! Happy Birthday Stephen! See you guys soon!!!