Monday, June 28, 2010

Blame trevor

for me not updating for the last four days (he's had the camera in the car. and what's a blog without pictures?). Not that you're sitting around waiting for me to put something new on here. Or are you? Cause I do that~ wait for you all to update. And sometimes I get sorely disappointed.

Anyways, on to the picture....

Here's just a moment in my day,
captured in a photo.
Thank goodness you can't see me.
I'm sure I look a bit like the
wicked witch of the west or a slave driver,
 whichever one is meaner.
Can you believe that I'm actually making my kids clean out the dishwasher
and pick up their messes?
What kind of mother have I become? 


Brent said...

Probably one who loves her kids and wants them to be responsible people.

candice and Quinn said...

A good wonderful, amazing, loving, fun mom!! That's the kind of mom you are! And Sarah I always look forward to your updates, like for real! CANT WAIT FOR FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!