Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm trying to think of a way to tie all these photos into one another without the usual Friday post....
I've decided that it's just too hard so I'll just add a little caption under each.
Sound okay?
Stephen is laying on a bed of nails.
But no harm done. See that face?
He was just having a little fun.
Joshua decided to do a little grocery shopping. On the list: chocolate, cottage cheese and produce. Sounds a lot like my regular shopping list.
Anna can't decide what the kid in front of her is doing. He may have gone crazy and knocked everything off the shelves. Or she's just contemplating her own shopping list.
Now here she is pulling herself up
 to the ceiling with a rope.
Did I ever mention that in gymnastics she could climb all the way to the top of the rope that was like 30 feet high?
So yea, the chair was a piece of cake.
He's got Grandpa B.'s bite. As evidenced in the apple he ate at 9:30 tonight.
Check out Emilys adorable eyebrows and smile.
This and the next picture is of Emily sneaking in the back of a photo.
What a darling little NINE year old.
Isn't she growing up fast?
Too fast, if you ask me.

And that goes for my other
three children as well.

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Brent said...

Best lookin' kids in Idaho.