Friday, September 24, 2010

Annabelle's bored

For good reason too. Emily is at a sleepover (but I'm going to pick her up in about 20 minutes since we only do late nights~ lame, I know...)
Anyway, while Candice and I dyed, fixed, dyed hair this afternoon, she sat at the counter. Bored. Poor thing. And tonight she couldn't sleep. I'm pretty sure that those two young girls haven't spent a night without each other that they can ever remember. 
But back to the dye, fix, dye~thing I mentioned. Something completely textbook, touching up roots, ended up being completely botched up. We cannot figure it out since it happened to both me and Candice with the same exact tube of color (and the same exact color I've been doing for a full year~at least). I blame it on the color. but you can make your own assumptions.
Now just may be the time my hair goes dark. 
Now is the time I don't really want to go dark. 
Candice's hair turned out great (eventually, might I add) but mine not so much. 
It's late so it's no-go tonight but I am still wearing a hat waiting for morning time when I can fix it completely. 
I think I will be washing it again with my wonderful shampoo that, yes, in fact, I will spend a LOT of money on just to be able to use it two or three times a week (I've yet to tell Trevor the cost and how much I NEED it:)). 
And again, yes, I only wash my hair two or three times a week. What may be gross to you, is really good hair days for me. 
Maybe tomorrow I will share a picture of my new hair but probably not. 
Sorry. :)


candice and Quinn said...

Oh sweet Sarah, sure was an eventful day wasn't it? Well I need to remind you that no matter what you decide, you are beautiful. With brown hair or green your trevor will love you the same!! Thanks for doing mine by the way, totally excited to style it.

Brent said...

Tell Annabelle that when I was growing up and got bored, my dad would have me dig a hole to fill back up again.

Amy Foster said...

Hahaha! I have to laugh because my sister and I have had our fair share of dye-fix-dye-fix sessions! I miss her so much with her in Oregon! Those were great times!