Saturday, September 4, 2010

Horses on the mind....

What is it with us Haslems in Boise that like to take weird pictures of horses? 
Although this one was Trevors fault while he was in D.C.

Busy, busy day.... The nitty gritty of the day's not interesting but what is interesting? A good friend brought over some delicious brownies/yummy gooey goodness/dessert. 

My kids got to play outside until 9:00 and what's better than staying up later than usual doing something you love to do?

And I get to stay up late with Trevor doing something I love to do. 
Finish off the brownies/yummy gooey goodness/dessert and be lazy. 

What could be better???

1 comment:

Brent said...

Those pictures remind me of some of Nevada's Senator Harry.