Friday, September 17, 2010

How can I not??

Share these photos, I mean. 
Cafe Rio was everything we expected.
Alas,  he did not enjoy his quesadilla.(crazy boy)
Here's proof:
He's crying/whining. He wanted the peppermint candy more. 
How can you cry at Cafe Rio except for tears of happiness?
Okay, so I look a little TOO excited but it was really good.
Really, really good. 
We got a free dessert, We got a free dessert!
Only half of it got eaten...
by this guy:
Us girls didn't eat it cause it WAS only 10:30 in the morning and who eats dessert in the morning? 


So I would've except for the no/low carb thing we're doing. I don't think that would have met the under
 "15 carbs a day" rule. 

It's so nice to have Cafe Rio just a 
hop, skip and a jump away again. 
I love the food but what I love more is the many memories 
that come with the place.

It reminds me of you, my dear family.


Jenée's Blog said...

We don't have this restaurant out East, and so the only time I can remember eating at this place was with *YOU*, Sarah, in St. George. *rofl*

BTW - Nice hand gesture... ;o)

Marcia said...

Sorry, but I have a mind like a sailor, nice "BIRD" Sarah! :)

It is nice that you have a little piece of "home" near you now. YUM!

candice and Quinn said...

my big bowl full of jelly belly finally thanks me for the rio! It was a magical day sarah! As our fridays usually are,but the rio helped! Nothing wrong with a 10:30 lunch,no guilt!!

Brent said...

You have to start thinking like Thomas Edison. No set schedule. Dessert at 10:30 is fine.

PeejMcKTalTres said...

YAY for you guys!!! That really is pretty exciting! Now you need Durangos! I think it's better... Don't be mad! Love you guys!!!