Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I don't like Mcdonalds. I don't like their food, the play area (nasty), the bathrooms. But mostly the food. 
So when I decided to go on a walk with Joshy today to the one that just opened up not to far from my house (3.5 miles there and back- it's actually kind of far) I knew I wouldn't be eating much and so figured that it wouldn't be too enjoyable. 
I got a side salad, soda and an apple I brought from home. (yes, I am the lame-o that does that) 
The food was as I expected, maybe a little better. But the people there were friendly and kind. Not necessarily the workers (I'm sure they are) but the diners.

Just a few examples:

A little boy dropped his ball under the table and neither the mom or another stranger who got up to help, wanted to get down and get it. No big deal for me so I did it. 
One point for kindness. (i don't generally toot my own horn but there you go~ I just did)
Joshua had to of course go to the bathroom. He always has to go to the bathroom. So the mom of the ball-dropping boy was kind enough to watch our food while I took him to the bathroom and went so far as to place her purse at our table for extra good measure. 
Another kindness point.
As I was leaving, I was struggling with Joshua, the stroller, my drink and the tray. A very kind lady saw me, got up from her chair (knocking it down in the process) and took it right from me to take care of it.
What a happy McDonalds experience! It made me so glad, that on the way home as I was walking and noticing all the trash around me, I thought that next time I make the trip, I should bring a bag to pick it all up. 
Of course, it won't be anytime soon (kindness or not, it's still McD) but next time, I will definitely make sure to do that.


Quinn said...

Ewww, Mcdonald's!

Brent said...

Try the Yogurt and berry thing. But as you can tell by my girth, I am pretty easy to please.

candice and Quinn said...

I love nice people.