Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This photo reminds me of that game (because of the black edges~ did you get that?). The one I played with my sweet babies and any baby I see now.

I have babies on the brain. No worries. There will be no more here for us. It's a little sad but we definitely made the right decision. 

I have babies on the brain cause I have two sisters pregnant and I am so excited for them! Amy is having a little girl in February and Candice is having a little "something" in February also. 
Is there anyone else I'm missing? No? Yes? No?

I can still vividly remember when I found out I was pregnant with each girl..... and I can vividly remember each labor with the boys. Maybe that's the difference between a "no pain" labor and an "I'm definitely feeling this baby come out" labor. The girls were easy-peasy and the boys were.... not so much. 

Congratulations Amy and Candice!!!! I can't wait to meet my new nieces/or nephew...

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Brent said...

You are pretty brave letting that many males that close to the kitchen without supervision.