Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pictures courtesy of Emily Delight....

It's just too bad she isn't in these pictures also.
Just a little snippet of what we all were doing around 6:00 this evening.

Annabelle getting into the craft box cause she needed stuff to finish her note to her best friend. 
Stephen and Joshua were playing with tools. And it looks like caulk. Hmmmmmm, probably should have rethought that one.
I was busy making dinner, cutting up some garlic. And apparently I stick my tongue out when doing so. Ha. 
I'm really just glad that Joshua wasn't playing with the paint that was beside him.
He did that once when he was one and I had to call poison control cause he ate it. 

Apparently, water based paint is not harmful as long as they don't drink a ton of it....
But it was soooo harmful to my wood floors. I spent a lot of time cleaning that up. 
Maybe one day I'll learn my lesson not to leave paint cans where children can get to them~


Brent said...

Great photos. Thanks for the post.

Amy Foster said...

Haha! I've been told that when I cut fabric, I chomp like pac man. I love candids!