Monday, September 27, 2010

A sad day....

 As I was leaving Candice's apartment today, she anxiously pointed out smoke coming from another building in her complex. 
There was a major fire. 
Six fire trucks ended up showing up and 6 apartments were ruined. It was really sad to see this crisis develop right before our eyes. A lady came home to see her home ruined and could only ask about her poor dog who died in the fire. It was really heartbreaking. 

It was amazing to see the police and firefighters show up and do their job and to do it so well. 
A policeman came up to Joshua and asked if he wanted to be a firefighter now. And of course, he said yes. But just to be safe, I replied "or a Policeman". 
At first Joshua was very nervous to see all the commotion and all the smoke (and at times flames) coming out of the windows but once all calmed down, he was just fine. 
My respect and admiration has really increased for these people who risk their lives for others everyday. 

I told Trevor how hot those fireman looked in all their gear.
I don't think he appreciated that. But he totally took it the wrong way, I promise.

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candice and Quinn said...

They sure did look hot to me Sarah,poor guys.