Thursday, October 7, 2010

Clogged drains

So our evening plans were thwarted when we got a phone call during dinner:
Trevor forgot about Roundtable and had to leave.
me sitting at the computer a little pouty. Can you tell? :(
I got lil'wienies, bacon and brown sugar to make a delicious treat to eat while watching the Office. 
We'll now have to eat them while watching The Apprentice. 
I swear we do not watch t.v. all the time.
This will actually be the first time for us all week. 
Pinky swear. 
So while Trevor is at the church, the kids and I sat outside and watched the beautiful weather.
And now it's time for baths and showers, and putting sheets back on our bed and putting away laundry and making our Apprentice treat and saying prayers and reading scriptures and giving kisses and hugs and calming the cries from (still) being scared and waiting for Trevor to get home.
What a night.
Want to know why Trevor is such a great guy?
 When he got home from work today the sink was clogged (it's clogged a lot) and he didn't even complain. He just changed his clothes and drained the nasty water, took the pipes all apart and fixed it: all while listening to me prattle on about my day. And of course, it was my fault that it was clogged since I put celery and eggshells down the drain. And he didn't even so much as look at me crossly.
Only 22 more days till it's been 11 years.


Chris and Jenna said...

That's the face I have almost every Wednesday when Chris leaves for Scouts. :)

Brent said...

That"s the face that they have while they are working with the scouts; instead if being home.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Hey - We have the same taste in shows! :) Am I the only one who is thanking my lucky stars that we're back to regular ol' Apprentice? I couldn't stomach the "celeb" (ha) version!