Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the house tour.....

  We begin at the front door looking in:
And now we are at the ugly vertical blinds looking at the front door:
The kitchen from the windows:
The kitchen table where we eat, do art, homework and play games:
The computer area looking at it from the ugly vertical blinds:
Looking down the hall from the computer table:
Second door on your right, the bathroom, laundry room and linen closet room:
First door on your left, our bedroom:
Our bedroom from our bathroom:
The girls bedroom:
The boys bedroom:
Looking down the hallway from the girls bedroom:

There you have it.
Since you can't be here you can now at least see what it looks like. 
I know it's small but we really love it.
And when our 9 month lease is up and we buy again, 
we will look for something small and one story. 
Everything is so much easier with one floor. 

We (I mean "I") really miss Boise. 
But we will be back.
If only temporarily, like, for the birth of a baby!
I can't wait.


candice and Quinn said...

Sarah I love it!! Its so cozy! And I love cozy! You guys are a one story house family! Fo sho!good job! February cannot come soon enough! Thanks for the tour!

Amy said...

I cant believe your whole house is set up already! Well, actually, can. :-P IM still unpacking, 8 months later! :) Miss you, girl. Imma gonna make a trip to see you. SOON! I need your address. :)

Deborah said...

I can't believe your whole house is set up already either, except you did say some of it is in storage, but I'd still be on the floor organizing stuff. It's very cute and cozy. When we moved to Denver we lived in an apartment and it was so fun not to have yard work, etc. to take care of. We got to get in a lot of swim and bike ride time. It was awesome! I told you it was cold there -- Brrrr.....

Deborah said...

One more thing... we are praying that you move back here very SOON too (is that mean?). Hope life treats you well there and that you all have a Happy Halloween. Hugs!