Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Remember this post?

From three years ago?  This one here. 
And so.... it begins again.
This time Trevor is being transfered to Idaho Falls to manage a Columbia Paint Store (Sherwin owns Columbia). They're also going to be moving carpet into his store so these past 3 years have not been for nothing! They have taught him so much about what he likes in a job and what he doesn't. And for now, this is where he wants to be.
I have loved Boise and am so sad to leave. Especially Candice. That is going to be really, really hard. There are not enough really's to express how hard it will be.
We move on the 22nd. Our house will go up for sale and we can only hope it sells as quickly as our last one did!
This will be our 8th move in 11 years. Not too bad.
Well, actually, that's kind of a lot.
This will be the girls 4th elementary school.
Enough, already, right?
I don't know what exactly the Lord has in store for us in the future but we are so excited for this new chapter in life.
And I do know that the next 2 weeks are going to be super busy, but hey, we're use to it~so no complaining from us~~~

and I've already got all my books packed and things taken down to Goodwill.

And look at this:
Josh got a haircut.
It's a compromise. I don't like his hair short but Trevor does. So I cut it short and then wait 6 months before I cut it again.
It works out well that way.


CoreyTina&boys said...

oh no! I'm so NOT happy about this! when am I allowed to cry?

Teresa said...

Wow, Sarah, that's a lot of moves! You have such a good attitude about it (even though I know you had hoped to be able to stay in Boise for a while) I am sure Heavenly Father has a purpose for your family in Idaho Falls. Good luck with the move. That is so fast!

candice and Quinn said...

Ahhhh man! Thanks I have tried so hard not to think about how hard its really going to be, and now its late and all I can think about! Man am I going to miss you sarah. Side note,I am beyond happy for you guys!!!!!!

Madsens said...
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Madsens said...

Tell Trevor congrats on his new job. I'm sure it will be hard, but it always works out for you guys. Some friends from church are from Idaho Falls and absolutely love it there. So excited for you guys:)

Chris and Jenna said...

I'm so excited for you guys! Although the packing part of moving is no fun, I think it's kind of fun getting to start all over in a new place. Good luck with everything!

Chelsey and Adam said...

YEAH!!! Congrats to you guys. You will have fun no matter where you live. But its always hard to leave behind a place with so many memories! But hey at least you'll be closer to us!!!!

Emily Matta said...

SAD! We will miss your family. :( Boise will have a little less sunshine without you guys here, but IF is lucky to have you. I have a brother and a sister there and my parents are in Shelley. It's a really nice place...

Jamie Baum Garrett said...

Congrats, Trevor, on the job! ...Even if it is for Columbia. ;) I know, I know, Columbia is part of Sherwin, but it still seem traitorous. I wish you guys luck on the move and on selling your house!

Brent said...

I am really happy for you. I made my kids move alot also. Just think of all the friends they never would have met if they didn't move to Idaho Falls. I am sure that you are gonna love it there.