Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"The store that sells animals and phones"

That's what Joshua calls the Verizon store. 
A place we've never even set foot in until today. 
And I did so reluctantly. 
But we decided it was time to get with the 21st century and get some phones. 
Not just any phone. 
The feature phone.
 I guess that's just a fancy way to say the "cheap phone". 
But it works. 
And here I am texting in my pajamas. 
I was sweet and texted Trevor "I love you".
Cause I do.

It's starting to hit me now that we're moving. So  I drowned my sorrows today in a cookie.
And then I was feeling more sorrowful and ate another one.
(thank you Lizzy~they were delicious)
It was Trevor's cookie but he doesn't know there was one here for him so it's kinda our little secret.
But the cookie(s) didn't make me feel any better. Cause now I just feel bloated and sad.
It's time to call it a night.
Later taters.


candice and Quinn said...

I might cry myself to sleep if I keep thinking about it! You deserve that yummy cookie sarah. Enjoy your trip tomorrow! Be safe!

Amy said...

Id make you a MILLION (calorie free) cookies if I thought it would make you stay. :( Man, oh man... Im gonna miss you. Candice... you and I are gonna have to coordinate some trips. :-P