Sunday, October 10, 2010

Took a little trip

and took a lot of pictures. 
We went for a drive on Saturday to McCall thinking it would be about a 3 hour event.
It ended up taking all day. 
We had no idea how far McCall actually was until we got there and didn't get home till, oh,
 about eight o'clock. 
It was nice to be together though. 
We really had a lot of fun. 
A few examples:
Stephen and Trevor played football the WHOLE time. 

Meanwhile, these three picked out their favorite, special rocks that have now found a home in scattered places around the house. 
Look at Emily's face: pure happiness. 
Same here with Joshua. 
Stephen looks a little.... umm I don't know the word. 
Weird, maybe?
He gets it from his dad.

A great day and a great weekend. 

And here's the kids before church. 
I actually had time to take a picture before we left. 
That's cause I was ready 45 minutes before church started. 
That's right people,  you heard it here first. 
I can be on time if I try really hard.  
But it's really exhausting. 

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Brent said...

Beautiful country, Beatiful children.