Friday, October 29, 2010

we tried really hard

Our night being almost over, here we sit in our pajamas taking a couple of
 self portraits to commemorate this special day.

I look really tired (which I am) and trevor has a cold sore on his lip. 
But we tried.
And it's been a good day. 
Not as good as it could have been.
(What??? Sarah not being positive??? Unheard of...kidding) 
The moving-depression has started for me. 
I'm no longer busy packing and unpacking and
 I'm without some of the people I love most.
From experience, it should last about a month or so. 
I usually try to hide it but I'm tired of doing that also. 
So here I am being all candid and such and now you know 
that for the next month, I will put on a happy face 
when I walk out my front door 
but mope around and be lame inside the protection of my home.
But what is so lovely is that I have these 5 wonderful people here 
who love me anyway. 
And when Trevor comes home at night, even if it's late,
everything is better. 


Amy said...

<3 you, miss you, planning a trip already to see you.

Jenée's Blog said...

First of all, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! (You two are such adorable love birds! -Seriously, I was just telling Scott how much I admire the relationship y'all have.)

Second... I am SO READY TO MOVE AWAY(!!!), and yet, Scott asked me "Will you still cry when we move?"
I told him "Of course I will! -This is my home, my familiar surroundings, my memories, where my family and friends are... BUT, I will get over it after a month or two." SO, Sarah, I am sending you warm thoughts, and *HUGS* from across the nation. I think it's perfectly normal to feel sad... Change is sometimes hard to accept, at first. However, in most cases, it eventually becomes an exciting adventure! ;o)

Brent said...

That's normal (I do think moves are harder for women that men). It's always tough to leave a little bit of your heart behind; but leaving that part of it behind doesn't make your heart smaller it only stretches it.

Candice and Quinn said...

:(I miss you.....

CoreyTina&boys said...

I go through that depression too! The stress of the move and the change of routine in a different environment really sinks me for a bit. I'm glad I'm not the only one who goes through this but I do EVERY TIME!Love your guts sarah!

Madsens said...

Happy Anniversary to you two! 11!
Hang in there, Sarah. Moving is hard, as you already know, but it usually gets better, as you also know. Love you guys.