Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The contents of my purse. day 25

which is far less interesting than you would think...
1. checkbook
2. notebook for those all too important thoughts and well, notes. 
3. two rolls of old film. Its the last of all my old film that needs to be developed. It's at least 6 years old. 
4. wallet
5. first aid kit
6. keys
7. bill that needs to be mailed.
8. pen
9. sunglasses
10. three tubes of carmex. 
11. compact mirror
12. an old ring I no longer wear
12. a Sonic mint wrapper

Now turn off your screen and try to write down everything you can remember seeing. You only get 30 seconds. 

I'm kidding. 

But now you all no longer have to wonder "what in the world does Sarah keep in her purse?".

You're welcome. :)



Brent said...

after seeing all the things you girls have posted on this day; I am glad men only have pockets.

Stacie Lynn said...

Oh Sarah and her favorite wallet :) I love that wallet.. (i know you do too) Me and Ty enjoy reading your blog so much. I'm not good at commenting but im going to do better. But anyways, we laugh so much. We love how you're so random and say exactly whats on your mind. Soooo funny! Love and Miss you!