Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gobble, Gobble.

Here is our lovely spread with our homemade centerpiece, hand turkeys. The girls also made our place mats, names in the center of construction paper and a little note of what they loved about that person. 
If you'll notice, we used an ice cream scoop for our potatoes~ 
 Trevor made an awesome turkey. 
 I'm just not sure what to say about this picture. 
 A photo of our wonderful guests. 
We loved having them here!!!!!
 And really, Asa was the guest of honor. 
We all just couldn't get enough of him. 
 These three girls fought over Asa most of the weekend. 
 Joshua only ate his cranberries but he still got pie. 
And the only pie he ate wasn't even pie, it was chocolate cheesecake and he LOVED it. 
The pies were our favorite; pecan, pumpkin, apple and chocolate cheesecake. 
And we only have half a pumpkin left. 
I think we gained a tad bit of weight this weekend but it was soooo worth it!

I hope you all had as full of a thanksgiving as we did~
We love you all!

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