Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just a note of interest

I will be back to doing the 30 day challenge on Monday and I wouldn't normally be blogging right now but I have something to say or ummm, write.
I/we had a great night.
Yes, we actually did.

It really is close to amazing which, if you had been at our house for the last two days, you would totally agree.
Let me just put the last two days into one simple word. CHAOS. (let me add that there have been good moments, like nacho movie night where we watched Ramona and Beezus~my new favorite kid movie)

The kids have been out of school, which you all know I love, but they have been fighting, pretend and not so pretend, tattling, hitting, jumping~on everything, crying, yelling, etc, etc.

Trevor and I split the children up tonight, boys with him, girls with me.
And it was a huge success.
We (the girls) went to Cafe Rio, Despicable Me, Cold Stone and Target.
The was laughing and hugging and talking and giggling.
It was a remarkable evening.

And tomorrow morning I'm going to wash their hair (I only feel as if it's really clean if I do it. Controlling, anyone?) And then I will give each of them their own little manicure with a beautiful winter~y color.

I love my girls.


Brent said...

Sounds like a great plan.

Amy Foster said...

The girls & the boys, seperate. That's a great idea!!! I think Joey & I will have to try that some time this week, thanks for the idea! You're such a cute mom! And I TOTALLY understand the fighting, hitting stuff. It happens here, too. Have a great day!

Amy Foster said...

And I LOVE your new header!!! SO CUTE!