Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The meaning behind my blog name

(day 20)

I change my blog a lot. Like a lot, a lot. But I have only changed the name of my blog once. It used to be "one big happy family". I liked it but so did about a million other people who had the same blog name.
I do not like to have the same things as other people I know. There's a fact about me you may not know ( I should save that for the "15 facts about me you don't know" day~ oh well)

We were on our way home from a trip and Diamond Rios "what a beautiful mess" song came on. I love that song. Trevor loves that song. And as we were singing along, I was thinking about what a great name for my blog it would be.

For example: my house is messy more than it is clean. If you add up the hours in the day, there are more awake hours that the house is messy than it's not. But while it's messy, my kids are drawing pictures and notes to their mom and dad about how much they love us. Or writing a letter to their best friends that they miss or their sister thanking them for talking with them. (it doesn't matter that they were talking about poo)

Or like tonight, the girls were stuck in the bathroom for 45 minutes because the Bishop was over and they couldn't come out of the bathroom naked. So they started to tape out the word "help" on toilet paper that they could slide under the door so they could be rescued.

Or tonight when Joshua got soap in his eyes and he let me hold him and rock him while we did our night time routine. Something that is becoming rarer and rarer.

The day after tomorrow is Thanksgiving. One of the messiest days of the year for us. But it is one of the best days of the year. We talk, eat, play games, Stephen ate his very first anchovie on Thanksgiving and pretended to love it, we watch a movie and the kids don't argue with each other.

My life is just one big, beautiful mess. And I love it.


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