Thursday, November 11, 2010

My favorite place to eat...

Like, Jenee, I love just sitting around the table as a family eating dinner.
I really love when we have all finished eating (all but anna cause she is reaaaaalllly slow) and we talk and laugh, tell jokes and stories and talk about everyones day. Those are the times I learn the most from my children and learn the most about them.

I also LOVE nacho movie night where we lay a picnic blanket on the carpet and I yell from the kitchen "Do you want chicken? Do you want beans? Do you want salsa? Do you want sour cream? Do you want Spicy Ranch? Do you want guacamole?" After a decade of doing nacho movie night, you'd think I'd have everyones order memorized.

BUT for this post, I'm going to say my favorite place to eat is on the couch with Trevor after the kids have gone to bed and we chow down on Chilis Chips and Salsa and recently, Guacamole and of course drink Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper.  
And we most definitely chow down. We can eat a whole order in about 15 mins.
And then we sit on the couch in our glutinous, uncomfortable state and finish watching whatever show or move has caught our fancy (it's either The Apprentice, The Office, or Psych).

I love those nights. We just had one last night and it was lovely. 

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