Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My idea of the perfect first date:

Dancing. I love to dance. I love to dance with Trevor most of all, my kids next in line. But alas, Trevor does not enjoy dancing and only once in a great while will he come into the kitchen where my music is usually very loud and dance with me.
So if I had to pick a perfect first date, it would be Trevor taking me out dancing, swing, line, ballroom, doesn't matter. And then we would go eat a huge dinner of steak and salad or maybe nachos,  to replace all the calories we had just burned off. He would then drive me home, walk me to the front door, give me a kiss and go inside the house with me where all our kids would be sleeping soundly and the house would be perfectly clean. Dreams are so great, right?

My second most perfect date would be our first (maybe second; depends on who you ask) date. Nothing special happened. We went to Taco Bell (I picked it, Trevor wasn't that cheap). I had the enchurito which brought to pass the infamous enchurito burp at the school play we went to later in the evening. I have never lived that burp down and I'm sure that burp is the reason Taco Bell no longer sells/makes enchuritos.
At the play, I opened my extra large bag of skittles and they spilled everywhere, all over the concrete floors. Trevor then taught me how to drive his Bronco and  he drove me home. No first kiss but there was some hand holding and a lot of laughing.

That was a perfect evening. We had and still have a lot of those.

Unfortunately our evenings now are filled with much more gas, this time from trevor.

 But still lovely all the same.

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Candice and Quinn said...

Hahaha that story never gets old. Wonderful wonderful post sarah.