Thursday, November 25, 2010

A photo of something that makes me happy.

My journal makes me very happy. 
It's definitely not your typical journal. 
There's not much of my own personal writing in there, 
although I do write in it once in a while. 
But it's my special place where I keep all the love letters
and pictures drawn and Mothers Day cards, and birthday cards
that I receive from the 5 people who make me the most happiest. 
I also keep all my personal mementos like numbers from races 
and letters from other special people in my life. 
My mom has told the story many times of when I was a little girl
and I had a box where I kept all of my special things.
One weekend my Aunt came to visit. 
She went to get her high heel shoes 
(am I right that they were red?)
and couldn't find them anywhere. 
They looked all over, through the whole house. 
They eventually found them in my special box, hidden under my bed. 

I like that story. I like shoes. A lot. 
I guess my journal has become my special box
 although I can't keep shoes in there and I no longer steal them from my loved ones. 

But just in case, 
next time you come visit,
 keep a close eye on your shoes. 

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