Monday, November 15, 2010

The top photo I stole off the internet, the second one I took myself while driving.
I love the top one, not so much the picture of a snow storm!
I am starting to get use to Idaho Falls. It's been hard, probably because I loved Boise so much. It has two super walmarts although I try to avoid those as much as I can. Unfortunately, thats the cheapest place to buy soda so I have to go once a week or so.
I like Winco.
The best grocery store in the west!( cheesy)
I told someone that you couldn't see mountains here but you can and they are beautiful. We are really close to Yellowstone which means we are that much closer to Jenna and Chris ( can we come visit you guys soon? please?)
We have a mall (but we are missing Anthropologie, Forever 21 and a few other favorite stores), a cafe rio, and a DownEast Home.
So not too bad. Shopping is all I know so far because we've been here only since it's been cold. We will be out in the snow much more this year though. Especially this weekend cause we are going to do family pictures~ in the snow. It will be so pretty, I hope.
Look for the Christmas cards in your mailbox~ hopefully this year....


Chelsey and Adam said...

We can't wait to come visit you in Idaho Falls! I think Adam is especially excited because you are now only about an hour and a half away from his favorite fishing spot...Island Park. I love Idaho Falls though, its gorgeous and so is the temple!

Chris and Jenna said...

We would love to have you come any time you want to! You don't even have to call first. Just show up on our doorstep and we'd be pleased as punch!