Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Breaking News

Tonight at approximately 6:00 p.m. Mountain Time, Emily Haslem prepared a delicious meal of Bean Soup and Corn Bread. After tasting this delectable dish, Stephen Haslem declared it "BRILLIANT", causing both his mom and dad to laugh in wonder at his ....... brilliance. 


The Haslem kids got off lucky tonight since neither their mother or father were watching the time very closely and did not put the kids to bed until past nine o'clock. The nightly ritual of reading before bed was forfeited. And only one little rascal complained of not being able to sleep. A quick "try your hardest" called out (not technically yelled) was the key to finally drifting off to dreamland. 


While enjoying and/or watching "Back To the Future II", Trevor Haslem fell quickly asleep proving to be both prophetic and exhausted, the latter having been mentioned earlier in the evening. Since there was no one conscious enough to snuggle with, Sarah got lost in her "beauty book" and got back to her roots by giving herself a good facial with a sugar scrub and steaming.


 Annabelle Haslem, resident photographer, took a few minutes to capture some lasting images with her moms camera that she falsely imagines is part hers. 
Please enjoy some of her work from this evening. 

Come back again tomorrow night where you will hear all about how fabulous a day it will have been.
There will be no work for Trevor and no school for the children. 

The excitement is palpable. 

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