Monday, December 20, 2010

Do NOT come over here...

Unless you want your nose to burn for the next week.... it may be a bit TMI but these kiddies have been stinkin like nobody's business....I can't figure out the culprit either. Bread? Soup? Sandwich? Hot chocolate? 

None of those say stinky to me.

We had the fortunate/unfortunate timing of having our neighbors drop by for a few minutes.

Fortunate because they brought some delicious cookies which meant I no longer had to make a FHE treat. 

Unfortunate because they had to be prey to the stink that is my house right now. 
I'm sure that as they left, it was their biggest topic of discussion next to having to look at our big basket of whites sitting out in plain view (I'm only kind-of kidding).

You don't even want to know how the boys bath went. 
Let's just say that we had to drain the water and give them a shower. 

And one more thing.
I mopped the kitchen to a pristine shine today and milk has since been spilled twice on it. First time, I was calm and collected, the kind of mother I really want to be.
Second time, I think I may have looked like a monster. 

Heaven help me. 

Here's to remembering better days:

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Brent said...

Sounds like an early case of cabin fever.