Saturday, December 11, 2010

I promised and I deliver.....

Pictures of the kids...
Visiting Santa. 
Unfortunately I was not there since I had a Relief Society lesson to prepare~~~~
I know, can you believe that I have to teach Relief Society? 
I never have a day in my life. 
I'm so nervous. So, so nervous.....

Trevor dared Emily to pull Santas beard but she wouldn't do it. 
She also didn't want Trevor to take pictures but he had too since I wasn't there...
I'm just really happy that we are over the screaming and crying when we see Santa.
Never again will we have to deal with that. 

What the kids want for Christmas 2010:

*Emily wants a sewing machine and new bedding-turquoise.

*Annabelle wants an art kit and new bedding- turquoise also. 

*Stephen wants a rip-stick and a skateboard.

*Joshua can't remember what he wants.

They may not want a lot but it works for us (our rule is two gifts each Christmas). Everyone is always happy Christmas morning and it really helps us not focus so much on the gifts.
We focus more on the baking.....which will make us focus on the ten extra pounds we'll be carrying around come January. 
Ah well, we do it for the kids, right?


Joyleen said...

Is that your new calling, or are you subbing?

sjcbthompson said...

Colton and Brooke both have rip-sticks and LOVE them! Good luck Stephen. Can you send some of your baking here?

Brent said...

Great post.