Sunday, December 5, 2010

my favorite movie, day 28

Like most things, I can't pick just one. 
So I put three of my TOP favorite movies. 

Numero Uno:
I love everything about this movie, from the storyline to the acting and all the beautiful colors~like in Penelopes bedroom~ and the clothes. Oh! The clothes!! If I dressed like her in real life, I would be beyond happy. 
Of course, I wouldn't wear the scarf around my face since I don't have a pig nose, but if I did......

Number 2:
The Count of Monte Cristo
This movie is fantastic. I think I have watched it at least 10 times (that's a very modest guess). My first copy was broken by one of my sweet children (grrr) but my mom quickly replaced it for me. 
My favorite part of the movie is when Mercedes and Edmond reunite:

Edmond: If you ever loved me, don't rob me of my hate, it's all I have.
Mercedes: Let it go Edmond. I don't know what dark plan lies within you, nor do I know by what design we were asked to live without each other these past 16 years but God has offered us a new beginning, don't slap his hand away.
Edmond: God? Can I never escape Him?
Mecedes: No. He is in everything. Even in a kiss. 

And then they kiss and I get chills every time.....

 Number 3:
Hope Floats.
One of the only movies in which I find Harry Connick Jr.... attractive, maybe? Attractive might not be the word but I'm not sure what is.. I just like him in this movie.

I love movies. There's many more I could have put on here like Dan in Real Life, Frequency, Emma (Masterpiece Theater version), Princess Bride ~ although my kids have not caught on to my love of that movie yet. 
But like I said these are my top three.
You should really consider watching them if you never have...


Jessica said...

I have never seen Penelope but now I think I should. The other two I love. I really need to watch Monte Cristo again. Love Harry in Hope Floats. I just got a flashback of Bernice yelling for her dad "Don't leave me!" Makes me cry every time! I really enjoyed the video of Stephen and Josh dancing. It cracked me up to hear Steve tell Josh to dance and to see his little leg shaking. Such super cute kids! I think Jenni Cloward and I need to come and see you are at least meet in SLC sometime in the near future....

Lisa said...

I haven't seen Penelope either, I'll have to check it out! LOVE Count of Monte Cristo.

Brent said...

If you like the Count of Monte Cristo movie. Try reading the book.