Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A photo of somewhere I've been.

Denver Zoo
We went on a huge road trip, about 2600 miles, trying to decide what college Trevor
wanted to go to for his Masters. 
We went from St. George to Pocatello, up to Missuola, 
then down to Denver and then to Amarillo and finally
up through New Mexico and Arizona. 
We had a ton of fun seeing all the different places and 
our kids were so good, the whole trip. 
We were crammed in a tiny Chevy Malibu with 3 carseats in the back seat. 
We were cozy and happy. 
It was a very memorable trip. 
And Trevor ended up deciding on Pocatello, 
actually the Lord directed us where to go and it was a wonderful place. 
He's halfway done, only one year left and now that we're in 
Idaho Falls, he can finish at the same college he started with. 

That trip has taken us to many different places, 
Pocatello, Boise, Meridian and 
now in Idaho Falls.

We love road trips.  

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Brent said...

Great picture, great post. Looks like that your road trip has also brought you another car seat.