Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 in pictures~ it's a long one...(insert michael scott phrase. not really)

 Who doesn't love a good New Years kiss?
and add in a visit to Salt Lake and you have a great month... 

 A Gold All-Around meet for Annabelle and Emilys crazy eyes plus a beautiful smile

 Joshua getting potty trained and Emilys 5k run. 
The run was a blast and potty training seems to still be going on. 
We won't be done till he stops peeing in his face.

 Miss Emily turned 9!!!
And we dyed some eggs. 

We visited some graves and Stephen turned 6. 

 Sun bathing beauties in St. George
a HUGE family photo at Bear Lake. 
The bench broke right after this picture was taken. 

 Our sweet Annabelle got baptized by her daddy. And we had lots of family come 
visit her on this special day which was also her birthday!
And we played with fire. 

 We took Grandma hiking at our favorite hiking spot in Boise and sang "The Ants go marching".
and our house got painted. 
This is us afterwards. 
No awkward kiss for the camera. 
(FYI it's not awkward in real life only on camera. actually, it's awkward for our kids~ 
lots of "eewws" and "thats gross".

 Annabelle ice blocked without a towel. 
And potty training is still happening...

 A new city and Halloween. 

 Pine Wood derby and the Fowlers came for Thanksgiving. 

 The Georgia Haslems moved to Idaho Falls and we couldn't be happier!!!
And our tree died really fast. 
Like really, really fast. 

Thats our year in pictures. 
I started to get really sick of this post around month June. 
My hands are freezing and the pictures were a lot of work to get uploaded. 

Happy New Year! 
Here's to warmer weather and even more happiness in the coming year! 
 (I don't think it ever got above 10 degrees today.)


Brent said...

Great post, Sarah have a gret new year

Candice and Quinn said...

2010 was a great year! Miss you guys!