Thursday, January 6, 2011

My lunch today was delicious.

Jenna's Famous Potatoes. 
I remember when she would make them for Sunday dinner and I would drizzle ranch all over them. 
We had them the other night and now I am having them for lunch. 
I don't drizzle them with ranch though, 
cause really, that should be forbidden in all States. 
It would exceed the fat content limitation on anyones diet. 
Did I just say diet? 
I hate that word. 
It makes me think of New Years Revolutions (as Anna calls them) 
which they really do end up becoming Revolutions ~ 
a war against my mind of what I can and what I can't do. 
Like so far this year, one of my revolutions was to go to bed by 10 and wake up by 6. 
10 comes around and I'm in bed but I'm also usually chatting with Trevor,
 reading or doing something or other fantastic like that until around 11 or so. 
And then 6 comes around and I get up and feel dizzy until 7. 
I got up at 7:10 today. 
I have failed. 
But I felt fantastic.
I have other revolutions also but so far so good on those. 
I think. 
I can't find the paper I wrote them on. 
I think my lunch the past couple of days would be breaking one of those silly goals. 


One more thing before I end this rambling post:
I have stayed home all day today and it has been marvelous!
I've gotten things done; played army men, rolled around on the ground trying not to get hit by Indiana Jones and his powerful whip, watched a movie, 
looked at my favorite blogs, played Star Wars, 
done the dishes, cleaned out my closet ( i seem to do that a lot and always come away with a bagful of clothes- my wardrobe is drastically shrinking), and I have swept the kitchen floor. 

By small and simple things, right????

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Jenée's Blog said...

New Year's Revolutions... LOVE IT! (perfect description)