Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Word of the day:


Well, that's just kinda depressing. 
Let me lighten things up with a country song, as penned by Trevor just a few minutes ago:

"You're sexy when you toot. 
Sounds like a trumpet not a flute."

I don't think he'll be winning any Grammys anytime soon. 

Instead of discussing some of the more discouraging parts of the day, 
lets discuss this amazingly adorable picture of Joshy.
I was getting ready for the day and he comes running in asking if we had any cardboard. 
That instantly made me suspicious. 
Whenever I hear one of the kids ask for cardboard, I immediately think of HUGE 
craft projects that take a LOT of time. 
but...I replied that yes, I did have some cardboard
 (I always do after a trip to the store-those dang soda boxes).
 So we made him some Buzz Lightyear wings. 

I think they turned out quite fantastic, don't you agree?
 He even wore them to the library. 

Bad, embarrassing trip to the library.

It ended up good though because our favorite librarian was there.
She is seriously an angel. Too many times to count, 
she has had to deal with our books ringing as we went out the door, as if we were stealing them.
She has come running after me in the parking lot to give me my keys that I left inside. 
And she is always smiling and helpful.

And another lady at the library (who did not work there) heard that the book that was on hold for me, 
that was supposed to be on the hold shelf but wasn't, decided that 
she would give me her phone number so that I could borrow hers. 
(luckily our favorite librarian found it for me)
I have no idea who she was just that she was nice.  
I should have taken her number.
Then I would have a friend and that would be lovely. 

Back to Buzz at the Library. 
I used to never allow my kids to wear dress up outside of the house because
 of the stares and attention from others. 
4 kids later and I still hate that.
But I have given up caring about it.
The fact is, he WAS adorable in those wings and
 people were right to give him a little attention for being so dang cute. 
And wearing his Vans with pajamas that were a size too small?
Even cuter. 

Anyone else notice that I ramble when I'm.....you know.....discouraged?

PS: just a note to self: Don't break the "No reading books if the movie is rated R" rule. There's a reason I have that rule. 
"Bridget Jones Diary" could have been so good too....

P.S.S: I appreciate all the comments on our missionary FHE idea. If only I had been the one who thought of it. As it is, it was Trevor's idea; he even typed up a very official letter to each child about their "call". 

And I totally agree, that man is simply amazing. 


Brent said...

The thing I would be interested to know is how you were able to build wings out of cardboard that would last long enough to do all those things. Well done.

Brent said...

By the way a big part of what makes that man amazing is his amazing wife. You don't even have to believe me, ask him.

Chris and Jenna said...

There must be an epidemic of 'discouragement' going around because I know exactly how you feel. I need a vacation to somewhere sunny with a beach where I can sit and read all day! Care to join me? :)
BTW I'm loving those buzz lightyear wings. Matty almost knocked out a tooth last week trying to fly like buzz...Maybe the wings would have helped?!

sjcbthompson said...

Hey Jenna and Sarah-I have an idea...you could come here! It's been about 80 the last few days...I would be happy to watch ALL the kids while you two go to the sunny beach and read:)...just a thought

Chelsey and Adam said...

How about we all jump on the sunny beach band wagon and head out to Cali! I miss the sun...I'm sick of the winter blues

sjcbthompson said...

YEAH CHELSEY! GREAT IDEA!! I will feed you and house you...and care for any kids you bring along:)