Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Australia Melbourne Mission

Joshua loved the idea of all the "stuff" that had to be done for his mission
but when it came time to do all that "stuff", 
he wasn't really into it.
He didn't help with his lesson on The Book of Mormon
or help to make his dinner and dessert.
But he did do a great job repeating everything I said during the lesson. 
And I think he learned a lot.  
Plus he is so dang cute.
That brown blob on his plate? That was his dessert which he decided this morning he doesn't like. Although everyone else in the family liked them.


Today is his birthday!!!!
My big boy is now 4 years old. When I told him Happy Birthday this morning he said
 "I'm 4 but I don't look big".
 He thought he was actually going to grow. He made sure I noticed that he didn't grow by standing up for me and again repeating what he had already said.
All I could do was laugh.
He's growing up way too fast.....


Jenée's Blog said...

Yes, he is "so dang cute"... I don't think I'll ever forget being his 'Potty-Pal'.
We are excited to come help celebrate his birthday, tonight.

(Also, where did he serve his mission again?)

Chelsey and Adam said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSHY!!! He is so flipping cute Sarah. I loved seeing him and Stephen a couple weekends ago. He may not think he is getting big, but I sure do!

Chris and Jenna said...

Happy Birthday Joshy! What a sweet little boy he is...wish we were closer so our boys could be the best of friends...or maybe not. Can you imagine the trouble 3 little boys could cause?! Hope you ALL have a wonderful day!

sjcbthompson said...

Happy birthday to JOSHUA!!! I think he looks big...he has defidently grown into a 4 year old. Have a fun day celebrating!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday cute Joshy! Hope you had a fun day! We love you!!