Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mexico Villahermosa Mission

What can I say about this kid? 
He did such a good job teaching us about the people of Mexico
and about the First Vision. 
I never get tired of learning about Joseph Smith.
Especially when my children are the ones teaching me. 
We enjoyed some tacos for dinner and Cheesecake Sopapilla for dessert~
we were thinking of you Quinny-Poo!
 And because there hasn't been one in awhile, 
here's a picture of mine truly.... 
looking like a monkey.... or an ape. 
He's taking me on a date this weekend. 
It's been way too long since we've been on a date that's been out of the house. 
I'm going to get all dressed up and smelling nice.
Not that that's unusual.
Okay, it's maybe a little unusual. 

Again, it's a beautiful day outside. 
Josh and I went for a drive and drove until the pavement ran out. 
So we turned around and came home. 
Now I'm off to get dressed and cleaned up cause play group's at my house today. 
And did I mention that I can once again (again) make cookies??
My oven temp was off. 
Something so simple. 
We've already made cookies twice and I'm making some more today. 

It's already such a good day.....


Jenée's Blog said...

YEA!!!! -I am so glad that you are having success with your cookies! How did you figure out that it was the oven? (SEE!?!? -It was never you, Sarah...)

Brent said...

Bien hecho Estaban. Just a hint The knotty Pine in Driggs. Elk Tenderloins.

Chris and Jenna said...

Can I please get your recipe for cheesecake sopapillas? Those sound DIVINE! Way to go Stephen! I hope my boys turn out just like you! :)