Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My baby is 4 years old...

But he won't let me call him my baby anymore. 
He's my big boy now. 
And a silly boy also.
 We had cousins over and it was great! 
This is our first birthday party celebrated with our (past) Georgia cousins 
and we loved it...

I love my Joshy. 
Seriously adore him and everything about him. 
He is so quirky (which of my kids isn't!?!) 
and so sweet. 
He's learning the difference between dead and pretend right now. 
Dinosaurs are dead and werewolves are make believe. 
He thinks dinosaurs were polka dotted and purple and green.
And he thinks Michael Jackson was a werewolf. 
And apparently, Michael Jackson lives in our bathroom. 
Not really but if you take his logic that Michael is a werewolf and werewolves are in the bathroom
than I guess that's were Michael now makes his home.  
Even though he's dead. 
Who knows? 
All I know is that everyday he makes me laugh and smile 
and happy and grateful.
Unless he's putting hangers in his eye. 
Then he makes me cry. 

I took a nap today since Joshua did
and so tonight is a perfect night to watch a
movie with Trevor, after we watch Conan of course. 
I can think of nothing better right now 
than sitting on the couch, vegging out in front of the TV. 
And there may be some cuddling. 
It's really not your business.

Peace out. 


Chelsey and Adam said...

Happy Birthday Joshy! We love you!

Chris and Jenna said...

So glad to hear Joshua had a great day! He is such a cutie!

Brent said...

You seem to have made it a great day for him. Have a great birthday Josh.