Monday, February 21, 2011

Our trip to Boise, Idaho

Sometimes I like to annoy this man on our way trips. 
Especially since we sit so close. 
I'm not in any hurry to get another vehicle. 
I can think of nothing I would rather be doing on a trip than
 sitting close, singing, eating snacks, talking, and duet-ing with Trevor. 
We heard/sang "beat it", "almost paradise" and "sara" on our way home. 
The music was awesome. 
 And here is the purpose of our whole trip! 
Welcome to the world 
Kyran Stephen!!!
 Candice's first experiences with her two babies. 
 What's up with the tongues?
And who took this picture anyway? 
 Grandpa holding his newest nephew.
 Me and mom. 
I was so happy to see my parents.
It had been about 6 months since I last saw them.
We stayed up late Saturday night talking and laughing. 
 He was such a sleepy guy.
And I caught him right in the middle of a yawn. 
Unfortunately I missed the birth by about 45 minutes. But Candice did an awesome job delivering Kyran. We are so excited to have this new addition  to our family. I can't wait for Kyran and Brooklyn to meet! Only a few more months till we are all together again!
I'll see you again Candice in just a couple of weeks! I'm soooo looking forward to it!

We love you Fowler family! 


Jenée's Blog said...

CONGRATULATIONS to Candice!!! (Little Kyran is so precious.)
Sarah, I am so glad that you got to visit with your family... It's nice to be gathered together for happy occasions.

Candice and Quinn said...

Thanks! Sarah I really can't thank you guys enough for coming. It means more than you could ever know. We love you Haslems so much! See you soon!!!!

sjcbthompson said...

How sweet! That is great you were there for that precious time.