Friday, March 4, 2011

For your information....

It was 35 degrees outside tonight. 
But that doesn't mean you can't grill in a short sleeve shirt, right? 
Besides, 35 degress is practically spring here in Idaho Falls. 
And it really was a nice day. 
And our nachos with grilled steak were really, really good. 
Although the movie we watched, Eragon, was not really good. 
In fact, I read, Anna drew, Stephen and Joshua goofed off, 
Trevor slept (only a little)
 and Emily...well maybe she watched it. 
But she was the only one. 

And tomorrow will be a really good day... 

That is all.


Brent said...

Kind of funny how a person climatizes and 35 seems realy warm, or cold.

sjcbthompson said...

Girl, you can grill anytime! Maybe not when it's pouring rain or snowing but temp wise...Go for it!