Thursday, March 3, 2011

I am in love with this morning...

And with these sweeties:
This morning has been... interesting. 
In a good way, which is why I'm in love with it. 
It felt almost spring like earlier but it's back to winter again. 
But spring is coming for sure.... I have a sixth sense about this kind of thing...

Want to hear a story? 
Here you go:

As I was laying in bed this morning, the girls in the shower, Stephen doing homework,
 I hear someones car alarm going off. 
I start to feel bad for the person who owns the car that's making such a racket
because hello?!?, that's embarrassing~
 for them. 
I was feeling that way until Stephen comes in our room and tells me 
that OUR cars lights are blinking on and off. 
(I have to add that I didn't even know that our car had an alarm)
In my panic stricken state, being barefoot and barely properly clothed, 
I grab my keys, open the sliding glass door, sprint outside,
 (notice I didn't say run cause I was fast)
 right into the sliding screen door!?!
I knock it over, run to the car and start it, hoping that it turns it off. 
Which it did. 
I walk back inside, kicking the screen door out of the way.
Unfortunately, I looked up and saw a man across the street
 standing on his balcony staring at me. 
I. was. horrified. 
So I quickly called Trevor cause I knew that he could use a laugh right then at that very minute. 
And he definitely laughed. 
The kids and I decided to walk to school today and so I told the kids 
about my little episode and they laughed too. 
I love making my family laugh. 
Emily and I agreed that it should have been recorded and 
sent into AFV. 
Oh well, maybe next time. 
Can you believe what beautiful eyes my babies have?
Trevor comes back today from an overnight trip. 
I absolutely, positively, cannot wait. 
I had to watch Conan alone last night~~
Oh, the horrors!

But he'll be back in just a few short hours and
 all will be right in my world once again. 


Chris and Jenna said...

Thanks for the laugh Sarah! Running through a screen door sounds exactly like something I would do. Even better that someone was there to witness the whole thing!

sjcbthompson said...

That is hilarious! Much better than my day of patching a 2nd grader's wound that was gushing blood after he was hit in the eye-brow with a tennis racquet:) And yes, your kids have beautiful eyes

Chelsey and Adam said...

HAHA Oh Sarah, you always know how to keep people laughing! Best story ever! Maybe you can re-enact it for AFV...or just for our viewing pleasure

Jaimee said...

I'm so glad to have found your blog! I'm pretty impressed that you can laugh at yourself like that, I'm so NOT that person. :)