Thursday, March 3, 2011

I blame it on Trevor

I got a text today from him saying "Guess what"

I figured/thought he was talking about something good. It just wasn't the good thing I was expecting. I was expecting to hear him say that our house got rented out or something like that. Instead after I texted back "what" he told me that there were 6 episodes of The Office on tonight and lets get some Chilis chips and guac.
So yes, it was good just not at the caliber of good that I wanted.

After he told me about The Office being on, I started to feel a little down and proceeded to look at my hair and pick at it like I always do when I'm doing my serious thinking. Except this time, I needed a change. Something big.

I decided to cut my hair. By myself.

I figured that since I'm licensed and I already cut my own layers and color it, heck, why shouldn't I cut my own hair? It would be a tragedy to have to go pay a lot of money for something I already know how to do.
So with the help of my two assistants (AKA Emily and Annabelle) I cut off all the nasty bottom 3 inches of my hair. Just don't look to closely cause it's definitely not perfect. I'm just glad I didn't ruin it and have to go get it fixed it. That would be more embarrassing than running into a sliding screen door. And I should know.

And I like it. I added bangs. And I look exactly like my senior portraits.

And America Idol is on tonight so Joshua fell asleep.
I want his haircolor....


sjcbthompson said...

Great haircut! Ohhh the talent you have

Lisa said...

Love it!!

Brent said...

Looks like you have done a very good job.

Chris and Jenna said...

That is some serious talent Sarah! I can't even cut my own bangs without having to go get it fixed. Looks really great!