Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm leaving on a jet plane.....

(John Denver brings back some very fond childhood memories)
This is the only picture Joshua was able to get of us playing basketball before the battery died.
We've been going to the church to set up chairs on Saturdays and figure that since we're there, we might as well get out some energy.
The kids could run up and down the court all day but after about 15 minutes, me and Trevor are panting like a couple of old dogs.
But it's so worth it....


I leave tomorrow to go to Kansas for a FULL week. 
I am scared (to fly). 
I am excited (cause I get to visit the Birds!!!!!). 
I am anxious (to be away from  home) 
I am sad (to leave my family).

Tonight Stephen was crying cause he doesn't want me to leave. 
(I'm only adding that last sentence because while it broke my heart, it also made me feel (selfishly) good.) 
I've never been away from my babies for more than overnight. 
 And I include Trevor when I say my "babies". 
He's been away from home but I've never left him at home.
I have no worries though cause they will all be in good hands. 
But I do have to get on an airplane for the first time. 
Me? Nervous. Very, very nervous.
But Trevor has full confidence in me so I know I'll be just fine. 

Still though, wish us all luck....


Brent said...

You will be fine; have a good trip.

Sweet E. Pie July said...

You'll do great Sarah. You will get to read and the flight will go by fast. Good luck to you and Trevor! ;)

Chris and Jenna said...

I'm so glad to hear you get to go visit your sister. We'll miss you this weekend...Hope you have a great trip!

Lisa said...

Have a good time! You and Trevor and the kids will all be fine.

Jenée's Blog said...

Suggestion: Get a priesthood blessing...

I'm with Jenna, we are going to miss you this upcoming weekend!!!!! But, I understand the service that you are providing for your sister. {HUGS!}

Chelsey and Adam said...

I'm with Jenna and Jenee too! We will miss you but don't worry we will take good care of Trevor and the kids this weekend!! I'm glad you are able to go be with your sister and help her out, tell them I said hello :)