Thursday, March 24, 2011

stinky breath

In the morning after Trevor leaves for work, I usually have two little boys come in my room and ask if they can sleep in my bed with me.
They climb on in and proceed to argue about who gets to sleep next to me.
I tell them that i have two sides and that Joshua can sleep on this side.
He says~ but i will fall off the bed.
And i say~ no you won't cause I'm right here.
So he lays down and we all go into a sort of sleep where we're tossing and turning but still being quiet.
The heater kicks on and we're all nice and warm and peaceful.
Then I catch a whiff of someones breath (and it's not mine cause I keep my mouth closed) and I realize that I'm in the middle of a stinky breath sandwich and then the nice, peaceful mood is kinda ruined.
But then I remember that they fought over who got to sleep next to me and that that'll only last for a couple more years (at the most) and I feel better.
I can deal with nasty breath.
But I definitely keep my nose covered with the sheets.


Candice and Quinn said...

Haha, stinky breath sandwich. That's funny sarah;)

Jill said...

I love a stinky breath sandwich! Them wanting to sleep next to you may last a little longer than you think...mine is 11 years old and still wants to sleep next to me...YIKES

Linds and Thad said...

I have to chuckle a little because Analyn does the same thing. She climbs into bed with me in the morning, only I pretend I'm still sleeping so she won't bother me. But she pokes/prods/breathes on my anyway and I am forced to wake up:)

Chelsey and Adam said...

haha Oh stinky breath! Adam has this problem in the morning sometimes (I have to) and I usually have to turn the other way because I can't handle it. Of course I don't feel bad for turning because well he is old and I am stuck with him forever :P!