Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Picture taking at it's best or errr..... worst.

Do you ever get tired of seeing pictures of Josh sleeping? 
Ah well, it makes for a great photo for the blog. 
Especially since it's the first picture I took all day long and 
I didn't take it until 8:30. 
And you know what? 
I'm thinking of boycotting picture taking
because sometimes it's as if picture taking has lost all it's spontaneity. 
Where's the really bad pictures? 

Well, now you'll get to see them. 
Cause this week I will be showcasing all our bad photos. 

Let the fun begin....


Jill said...

I think his random sleeping habits are great! Looks like he just crashes anywhere...can't wait to see the 'bad pictures'

Chris and Jenna said...

How do you get him to fall asleep like that? the only place I can get my boys to fall asleep is their beds! :)